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Continuous Improvement

Bava Engineers utilizes an ongoing, constantly evolving and structured approach to quality with a goal of providing one hundred percent customer satisfaction via error-free, waste-free and accident-free operation.

ISO 9001:2000 Certification: Quality Management System

In keeping with our philosophy of being a continuously improving organization focused on the valuable solutions we provide to our customers, Bava Engineers do all the operations of the company to the ISO 9001:2000 standards for Quality Management Systems as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization.

This strict registration and certification standard is our assurance and commitment that we will continuously monitor, correct and improve our processes in order to provide the best possible services to our customers.

Staff Training

All Bava Engineers employees, including craft foreman, have attended two two-hour training sessions on quality awareness and two two-hour training sessions on quality in the workplace as well as ongoing sessions concerning the synergistic effects of teamwork, interpersonal communication, technical skills and safety.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Bava Engineers focuses its quality program on the "Voice of the Customer" and surveys both internal customers (employees) as well as external customers in order to measure the progress of its continuous improvement process.

Keys to Quality

The four keys to Quality are:
  1. Meeting customer requirements
  2. Prevention of defects and waste
  3. An attitude to satisfy the customer all the time
  4. Measurements and controls to verify the process is meeting requirements
Continuous Improvement

Bava Engineers implements continuous improvement cycles by asking the following questions:
  • Requirement: "What needs to be done and how?"
  • Measurement: "How well are we doing?"
  • Comparison: "Are we meeting expectations?"
  • Adjustment: "What changes are necessary?"
Employee Communication

Communication between employees is most important in eliciting clear, concise feedback. In addition to meetings and training sessions, every employee has an avenue to communicate to Senior Management on issues where we are not doing something or where we can improve a process.

Total Commitment

Bava Engineers is totally committed to quality. This means commitment to training our entire staff, commitment financially, commitment of time on the part of our staff and commitment to improving our company's methods of doing business. We realize that quality and continuous improvement are never ending processes necessary for success with our customers.

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